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Thanks to the amazing contributors of h1tchr (pronounced hitcher) there is now a website where you can find and contribute to user generated h1tchmaps of songs that sound similar or share certain commonalities like melody, beat or lyrics. You can also connect cover songs, and songs that contain samples. While other sites like soundsjustlike will compare two songs, h1tchr lets you make entire maps of music. Check it out here. h1tchr was created by David Pattillo founder of Bang Bang Boogaloo.

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    The UK based blog Real Gone has written up a great new review of “Lights On.” Lee from Real Gone really digs deep between the notes on this one. Check it out here. Looking forward to Plane Groovy vinyl dropping April 18!


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      Since it’s inception in 2008 David Pattillo has been recording and producing music for the live music show Live from the Artists Den on PBS. His credits include Robert Plant, Norah Jones, Ed Sheeran, Rufus Wainwright, and Sheryl Crow among many others. This month he is very excited to announce he has mixed The Alabama Shakes. Tune in on PBS. Here is a link to the schedule. Little know insider fact: Pattillo even wrote and produced the theme you hear at the opening!

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        Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 7.57.33 PMThe boutique record label Plane Groovy has announced they will be releasing the new Strange Majik “Lights On” LP in April on audiophile quality 180g white vinyl. We can’t wait to get out hands on one…preorder right now here!

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          “David Pattillo, AKA DP, AKA Strange Majik is a man that lives for music. He is a true student of the art ingesting anything that has to do with music and incorporating it into his work. From performing, to producing, to writing whatever he puts his hands on usually turns out pretty damn good and that includes his latest project, Strange Majik’s Lights On. Throughout his musical travels he came upon a relatively obscure musical collective in NY called the Lesson. Strange Majik began a collaboration with the collective leading to some of the best music to filter out of Pattillo’s brain.” Read more….

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            The weekly #blackandblues party has been a ton of fun at Pinks NYC. David Pattillo aka Strange Majik plays from 10-1 to an eclectic multi cultural crowd while DJ Avi Burn spins classic rock, funk and soul. Photo: David Carlo

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              Strange Majik “Lights On” and The Family Majik

              Emmy nominated producer/musician David Pattillo aka Strange Majik teams up with fresh NYC talent on this new 10 song release. Jazz diva Melanie Charles aka D’Flower, soul powerhouse Kennedy, and MCs Phase One and Elijah Black from the NYC hip hop party/collective “The Lesson” are featured as well as up an coming vocalists Fiona Silver and Valerie Broussard. “Lights On” blends genres of vintage soul, 60’s guitar psychedelia, electronic, and organic hip hop. Guitar washes, bass breaks, fuzz riffs, soul queens, and worldly-wise MCs.

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                My new album is finally done!!! Official release date in JAN 20 but I’m releasing to friends and family now. Lots of love and thanks to the amazingly talented peeps who appear on it: Felipe Torres, Mélanie J-b Charles, LaToya Kennedy, MC Elijah Black, Phaseone Yeah, Chris GaskellRebecca Martos, Valerie Rue, and Fiona Silver. Sweet album art Bianca González Marra. Hope you guys dig it. Please download and share and lets make it huge in 2015. ♥♥♥ dp

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                  With the closings of the most beloved rock and roll bars in NYC, Pinks has taken a chance on a classic theme. Thanks to the popularity of Strange Majik’s Black and Blues party, Fridays at Pinks is the place to be. Majik stomps and hollers Dead Exs blues and rock and roll classics while a charming staff serve custom cocktails, craft beers, and a tasty late night menu. Show starts at 10, goes till 1 and is free. #blackandblues


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                    Photo: David Pattillo 12-13-14

                    “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it–always.”
                    ― Mahatma Gandhi

                    The way I see it, people get out on the streets when they are fed up with the system. Race is a major part of the story here but not the only one. We are all frustrated by a burgeoning economic underclass and the injustices of the too big to fail scandals. Too many execs in the finance world bankrupted us with sub prime mortgages. They went unchecked with money laundering, and funded terrorism without criminal prosecution. Meanwhile a working class black man sells loosies in Staten Island and succumbs to a deadly chokehold by a twisted, frustrated, fearful police officer. It has reached a boiling point. This is a watershed moment. Look at what Gandhi achieved with the same peaceful means in India to liberate a racist nation. Lets keep our commitment peaceful and firm. ‪#‎wecantbreathe‬


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