Valerie Broussard is an up and coming Philly bred soul disciple. On the new Strange Majik single she sings “Everywhere love will find you anywhere you go.” Can you dig it?

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    Thanks to the super cool music taste of supermodel Daria Werbowy “one of the most recognizable, acclaimed and beloved supermodels of our time” according to Vogue, The Dead Exs music has been used in her new directorial campaign for the French clothing company Equipment. Dig it. Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 11.26.31 PM

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      I discovered MC Elijah Black rapping at The Lesson parties at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC. I wrote the main hook and produced out the track and was thinking about my father’s struggles with money and being an artist. Like it or not, like apples we don’t fall far from the tree. I asked Elijah to bring his perspective to the idea. What he came back with blew my mind. The amazing Felipe Torres came in later and nailed the groove. Give it a spin and please share on social.

      With Love,


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        Summer is here and what better time for a smokey eyed groove featuring the talented New York singer Fiona Silver. New album to come in the fall!

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          Laurel is a super talented young woman from London who I got to get to meet during The Northside Festival this year. She is self produced and writes her tunes as well. Quite the lyricist and musician I must say!! Of course she’s comes fully equipped with mad talent, nice manners, and the classic self-effacing brit sense of humor . Here is our interview and live session on my Amazing Radio show. Check her out.


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            Have u seen Park Ave?? Thanks to a chance encounter while getting darshan at Amma, I met the most awesome Kelly Cutrone. She turned me on to this movie. Here it is in its entirety, or you can stream it on Netflix. Let’s just say (sadly of course) it just reaffirms that my lyrics to my new single Workingman are right on the money.
            Enjoy and spread the word – Majik

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              It’s like 1970 all over again! It’s high time for a groovy empowering rock and roll anthem with a bit of fuzz guitar and a wailing soul queen. Just wait till you hear Kennedy who I discovered at The Lesson parties in NYC on the chorus. Slammin’.

              America has changed. The age of open source has revealed the black heart of greed and corruption and imperialist aggression. We are wearing China made from head to toe, being fed toxic GMOs. Our emails are read and our clicks are sold to corporate behemoths propped up by over inflated Wall St. valuations. The middle class has all but disappeared and the media keeps you pumped with entertainment news and gratuitous sex.

              People have the power to organize and make a difference, Revolutions are happening all over the world. Things can change and it starts from the bottom. The tech savvy have the technology chops to work for change and innovation that really makes our world a better place, not just a better app.

              This is my anthem. Give it a spin. Hope it inspires ya.

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                The second single to be released from the “Lights On” LP. The lovely and massively talented Melanie Charles joins the mildly debauched, mostly lovestuck Majik trippin’ on a funky soul wave.

                Cover collage: ceherb

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                  Yo people!!! My new track is here. If ya dig it, please share it!!

                  “Lights On” is the debut single from NYC producer Strange Majik. After attending several of the freestyle hip-hop soul parties called The Lesson in NYC, Majik tapped the raw talents of Bronx rap powerhouse Phase One and Brooklyn soul/jazz vocalist Melanie Charles to join him. Recorded at Flow NY in March 2014.

                  From the upcoming album “Lights On” coming summer 2014.


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                    Another inspired night at The Lesson. photo: Stange Majik


                    One night last month I was leaving the studio after working on a mix of Sheryl Crow and I stumbled onto a goldmine. On my way home I saw an unlikely multi-cultural crowd hanging outside of Arlene’s Grocery. It struck me so I walked in. What I found was one of the most engaging musical experiences I have come across in a while.

                    I step in the door, the place is jammed packed. My first thought – its a hip hop party….not my usual hang…. but I wait and listen. The MC is talking about love and positive energy and elevating your soul. Whaaaaat???? I’m intrigued. Then the drummer and bass player hit this insane groove….I’m hooked. The vibes at this thing are incredible. The crowd is jammed in like sardines but smiling and in no way annoyed I’m shuffling through their personal space. Not the usual lower east side music or crowd. I had been to so many well rehearsed hipster drenched indie rock shows in the last few weeks, I’m blown away at how much more visceral this is than anything I had heard from the cool kids. These guys are free-styling and making up the jams along the way. My first thought is I gotta play this band on my Amazing Radio show, but there were no recordings. It’s a live thing.

                    The stars of The Lesson are a band called Gentei Kaijo. It’s made up of Lenny The Ox Reece on drums, Phaseone as the main MC, David Cutler on bass, Jordan Peters on guitar, Christian Almiron and Nick Semrad on keys, as well as Kennedy and Melanie Charles on vocals. There is a revolving cadre of players every night including MCs, guitar players, horn sections and singers. The vibe will elevate your soul and the musical talent will blow your mind. It is so refreshing to hear MCs come up and freestyle about the important things in life rather than the typical self-aggrandizing hype of most rappers laden in bling. Phaseone sets the tone of the night like a workingman’s bearded sage. His evolved sense of self lays out rhyme with a philosophy like an urban self help guru. Check the ego at the door, stay in the moment and feel the love coming down. I could go on for days about the mad talent onstage, the killer grooves, and the amazing vocalists but let me just say this is not to be missed.

                    Apparently this party has been going on for some time and on March 25 they are celebrating a 2 year anniversary with special guests Talib Kweli, Res and more. Come join me and the talented cats of the Lesson at Le Poisson Rouge. Here is the poster for the event. Click on it and you can grab a ticket. See you Tuesday.


                    The Lesson 2 Year Anniversay Party

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